Monday, June 20, 2011

Isaiah's nicknames

Daddy: Diaper boy
Mummy: Mr Cute, bao bei
Grandma Ho: Darling
Grandpa Ho: Handsome boy
Grandma Tan: Ai zhe ya
Grandpa Tan: Botak
Yee Yee: Chou Chou

Monday, May 16, 2011


Facebook makes it so much easier to upload n share photos n news that I've neglected updating this blog. Hopefully I will update this online diary soon

CGG is going to the UK for ten days while i remain in singapore with isaiah. We will make the best of these days. Maybe when Tim comes back Isaiah would have learnt something new

Saturday, January 22, 2011

More quips

Isaiah: WAH!!!!!!!!!!! (cries extremely loudly until he turns purple)
FIL to Tim: You are such a patient person, why is your son like that?
Tim to FIL: Like the mother lor.


During the checkup, I asked the gynae whether the emergency c-section I had was considered dangerous. She responded, "Not for the baby."

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gynae checkup - 11 Dec 2010

Baby is 2.4kg and I just crossed the 50kg mark! The past two times the gynae saw me, she would exclaim that I really look gigantic. Because of my size, she advised me to curb my sugar intake and try not to take desserts, ice cream and soft drinks in case the baby grows too big.

Although placenta is still low, it is no longer blocking the birth canal. There is a high chance that I can go for natural birth as long as Isaiah doesn't weigh heavier than 3.3kg.

Next checkup will be on 23 Dec and I will be doing the STREP test. If everything goes well, I will be ready to give birth any time soon. To induce birth, the gynae recommended me to walk. I shall walk till I drop starting mid next week.

Hopefully the baby will be here early but not too early cos I still wanna celebrate Xmas. Tim and I took leave in the week of 27 Dec to enjoy the very last bit of our couplehood. I am sure we are going to miss that for a while.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Sharon: I feel like an elephant
Tim: You are my favorite elephant followed by Dumbo!

Sharon: My face is getting bigger
Tim: I can anyhow kiss and will still manage to kiss it.


Saturday, November 27, 2010


Tim's colleague asked him what he gave me for our anniversary this year. He couldn't remember and so he sent me a message to ask. I couldn't remember either. It could be that we spent some quality time with each other at Marriott and did not buy anything for each other.

Then I thought if I had blogged about it, I would probably have some records of what we bought for each other over the years. So I am going write this down for records. I just gave Tim his Xmas and 14th anniversary prezzies:

- A pair of Emporio Armani cufflinks which Ah Mei helped me to buy at Heathrow airport on her way back from NYC. Had originally wanted her to buy a pair of Boss cufflinks from Woodbury but there wasn't an outlet there. And the boutique in Manhattan had closed down. Good thing she still managed to get me a pair from London.

- A key pouch for the car key. While shopping at Robinsons today, Tim went over to the Braun Buffel counter and browsed at the key pouches. Didn't realise that he has been randomly looking at some key pouches in the past few months. As the new design was not on sale, we decided to try our luck at OG. True enough we got a 10% discount for a nice leather key pouch.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Life is so fragile

I missed the chance to meet up when you were here in Singapore. The final chance to see you again. May you rest in peace, Christina.